Naslovna Baza U središtu O projektu Komentari

About the project

After the successful accomplishment of the initial phases of the most important project of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia – The Database of Journalist in Serbia, a natural sequence of the project was to turn the collected data  and web oriented database software into its applicable value, i.e. to submit it for an insight to institutionalized, professional and interested audience.

In order to make the Database of journalists, after it  had been made public for the first time, completely referential and usable it was necessary to complement it up to 2000 journalists and accomplish its daily management and regular maintenance.

Using the online Database an interested party shall have the possibility to, browsing through the Database, acquire information about   the journalists’ specialized topics, what regions they cover, what their education and experience are  as well as  about their age. Journalistic associations and other relevant organizations shall have an insight into the profiles of journalists in Serbia which can be used  to create  annual programmes  in relation to education, professional advancement and activities directed to improve social and economic status of  journalists as well as  those for establishment of changes in the media sphere. 

Software shall function in such a manner as to meet users’ needs  either if they are  journalist who want be entered into the base or change their data, or editors or other users who seek for   specific profile of a journalist.

Using the Database shall be under registration rules only – every registered journalist shall receive his/her own automatically generated user name and password which shall require an Email confirmation. He/she will be able to access his/her data and change them according to the needs.  The user name and password are not definite and the members will have an option to adjust them according to their own preferences. 

The website users who want to browse through the Database with an intention to identify the best candidate for an assignment by crisscrossing criteria shall receive a list of candidates.  After selecting one or more candidates he/she shall send a message about being interested in their services. Personal particulars about the journalists shall not be accessed at all.

Assumed effects of the project:

Short-term effects of this project include creation of the online database which shall enable sorting the data in accordance with the specificities of the needs and thus enable a new kind of presenting the offer and demand based assignments.

In addition, journalistic associations and other relevant organizations shall have an insight into the profiles of journalists in Serbia which can be used  to create annual programmes  in relation to education, professional advancement and activities directed to improve social and economic status of  journalists as well as those  linked for  establishment of changes in the media sphere, etc.
Long-term effect includes introduction of an alternative manner of offer and demand based assignments in journalism which shall  pave the way towards creating an alternative journalism labour market. With the new sort of  healthy competition also will develop  journalists’ motivation  to do the job with the best quality. In 2010, IAJS also plans  to develop a web page in order to offer other options  such as forums,  making up an   online journalistic communities, advertizing and  possibly  commercializing its services.

The  Database project, in regard to  journalists,  shall serve as an important source to initiate many changes in the media field:  change of   legislature, of  regulation and self-regulation manner, media sphere change management, progress in showing respect to the rights and status of journalists,  showing respect to ethical  standards, media control and greater transparency in relation to media companies.


The finalization of the Database project has been supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia while the accomplishment of the promotional campaign has been supported by  the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE).
The first phase of the Database project was accomplished in the period 2007-2008 with the financial support provided by the Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights  in Sarajevo, Norwegian People’s Aid in Belgrade and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.


How to use the journalist search function

  • Clicking the “Search”  icon  we enter the window to search the database of journalists.

  • After the click the window with searching parameters appears  


1.Ticking an empty box  on the list we mark that the parameter is included in a search process

2.In reference to Length of Service  and Age  we enter  the considered scope of value:

- in this case we search for all  journalists who have  10 or more  years of length of service  

- in this case we search for all journalists between 30 to 45 years of age

After the parameters have been ticked,  by clicking the determined search criteria appears a list of acceptable journalists

Repeating the click on the „Look for“ icon we return to the page for selection criteria.
If we want to return to the initial screen we click the sign

(upper right corner of the window)

How to use journalist statistics function:

Clicking the “Statistics” icon  the window for selecting a report we want to see appears.

Clicking one of the offered reports on the left side the wanted
report appears on the right-hand section

Sending an email message supported by the data base:

After the list of journalists appears in accordance with the
determined parameters we tick journalists’ names we want to
send an email. On the right-hand side we type a text we are going to send by clicking  the “Send email" button.

If you are a media professional

The Database offers a new kind of presentation of your own capabilities as well as an alternative offer and demand based business market.

Using the Database you will be able to:

  • Post and update your own profile;
  • Contact employers who are showing  interest in your work;
  • Contact colleagues all over Serbia who can provide assistance  while you work on site;
  • Receive quantitative analyses of the profiles contained in the Database for statistics researches.

If you are an editor

The Database offers you the possibility to crisscross necessary criteria and receive a list of candidates for the assignment that is going to meet your requirements in the best possible manner.

Using the Database you shall acquire information on:

  • Specializations of individual media professionals;
  • City (region) where they live;
  • Professional experience they have;
  • Their gender and age;
  • Professional education  they acquired.








E-mail: novinari@novinari.rs